A group of couples in their 40's live in a new city. One of the couples are Ahn Goong-Cheol and Nam Jung-Hae. They enjoy peaceful and ordinary days, but, a murder takes place. Since then, their peaceful days changes.

Graceful Friends

  • 우아한 친구들
  • 2020-07-10
Mysterious cases take place at an apartment complex which is about to go under reconstruction. Lee Goong-Bok is a real estate agent that works with apartments there. She has a meddlesome type of personality. In Cheol-Ho is a veteran detective.

She Knows Everything

  • 미쓰리는 알고 있다
  • 2020-07-08
After 14 years devoid of romance, a struggling movie producer and single mom faces the unexpected arrival of 4 men into her life—an author, an actor, a CEO, and a younger man—who might just revive her dormant desire for love.

Was It Love?

  • 우리 사랑했을까
  • 2020-07-08
Seo Hyun-Joo works as the leader of a webcomic planning team. She declares that she plans to remain single, but she receives confessions from two men: Hwang Ji-Woo and Park Do-Gyeom. Hwang Ji-Woo is the CEO of a pharmaceutical company. He has a cold personality and excellent business ability. Park Do-Gyeom is a popular webcomic writer. He is a sociable person. He and Seo Hyun-Joo grew up like siblings, but he has held a crush on Seo Hyun-Joo for a long time.

To All the Guys Who Loved Me

  • 그놈이 그놈이다
  • 2020-07-06
A drama about the race between people who want to get closer to the truth and those who want to cover it up. Jang Seung Jo will take on the role of Oh Ji Hyuk, an elite detective of nine years who does not share his feelings with others due to pain he experienced when he was young. He is not swayed by money and power, even with the huge wealth he inherited from his uncle.

The Good Detective

  • 모범형사
  • 2020-07-06
A poor young woman decides to try her hand at civil service when she hears that a district representative position has an annual salary of 50 million won. She teams up with the newly-demoted Seo Gong Myung to penalize corrupt politicians.

Into the Ring

  • 출사표
  • 2020-07-01

The Search

  • 써치
  • 2020-07-01
This drama deals with the adversity overcoming of a new life as a young mother who has lived a hard life becomes a daughter of a chaebol. It is a story that happens when a young mother, who has lived in defiance with all her bad luck, becomes a chaebol daughter in the morning. It seems to be a drama that looks back on life and family.

My Wonderful Life

  • 찬란한 내 인생
  • 2020-06-29
Tells the story of a fictional male character from a romance comic who jumps out of the 2-dimensional pages into real life. One day, Chun Nam Wook tears through the pages of the comic book and appear in front of the story's female lead, Han Sun Nyeo. Right out of the pages of a fictional comic book, Chun Nam Wook may be a heartthrob, but once he opens his mouth he can't help but make overly cringey, emotional comments at every turn.

Pop Out Boy!

  • 만찢남녀
  • 2020-06-28
Paired together for an unforgettable trip across Asia, stars Lee Seung Gi and Jasper Liu become buddies as they connect with fans and local cultures.


  • 투게더
  • 2020-06-26
Desperate to escape from his emotional baggage and the heavy responsibility he’s had all his life, a psychiatric ward worker begins to heal with help from the unexpected—a woman who writes fairy tales but doesn’t believe in them.

It's Okay to Not Be Okay

  • 사이코지만 괜찮아
  • 2020-06-20
It tells an unpredictable 24-hour love story of the four-dimensional innocent girl Jung Saet Byeol who was once a troublemaker and the adorkable caring male store manager, Choi Dae Hyun, in the context of a convenience store. They have met each other accidentally 4 years ago, back then Saet Byeol asked Dae Hyun to buy cigarettes for them. Until now, Saet Byeol comes to the convenience store Dae Hyun runs for a part-time job, their hilarious romantic story starts.

Backstreet Rookie

  • 편의점 샛별이
  • 2020-06-19
The new JTBC program “Idol Fishing Camp” will show how idols with a diverse background of fishing experience will go about training for a worldwide fishing competition and get to know the sport.

Idol Fishing Camp

  • 아이돌 피싱캠프
  • 2020-06-18
Let’s face it: dating is complicated. Couples have different tendencies, cultures and sometimes even have trouble deciding what to eat! Not to worry, the ladies are here to take your worries away. Dating experts Na Rae and Do Yeon plan a customized dating course for each couple and see whose course is better. Through this customized counseling program from the dating experts, couples learn tips and are introduced to popular places as well. Let Park and Jang take care of your concerns!

Park-Jang's LOL: League of Love Coaching

  • 박장데소
  • 2020-06-13
24/365 with BLACKPINK

24/365 with BLACKPINK

  • BLACKPINK랑 24/365
  • 2020-06-13
A variety program where the cast will experience life in various places around Korea. The cast will build a small, portable home where they’ll live together and invite guests over. They’ll empty their greed for a house and fill their lives with important things in their lives instead.

House on Wheels

  • 바퀴 달린 집
  • 2020-06-11
As people get older, they have less time to spend with their families and separately live their own lives. They become to meet someone who they share their time, feelings, and even their secrets. Under this circumstance, the family becomes like strangers and people in relationships become like family. Kim Eun-Hee is the second daughter in a family. She is tender and thoughtful. She easily trusts people. Kim Eun-Hee works at publishing company.

My Unfamiliar Family

  • (아는 건 별로 없지만) 가족입니다
  • 2020-06-01

행렬의 여신 - 라면 서유기

  • 행렬의 여신 - 라면 서유기
  • 2020-05-27

IZ*ONE Eating Trip

  • 아이즈원 잇힝트립
  • 2020-05-27
It tells a story that how two young women become close friends by having dinners together. They happened to be arranged seated at the same table one time they went to eat out alone. At that time, they were both bothered by relationships, and from the first accidental dinner together, multiple dinners then followed, over which they open up to each other their relationship troubles, get closer and develop an unusual friendship.

Dinner Mate

  • 저녁 같이 드실래요?
  • 2020-05-25